DLC membership in "Lietuvos Energija" group allows us to guarantee high-quality services and synergy – from reliable protection of your company's data to various different forms of secure transfers.


With our geographically convenient location in the centre of Europe, we can offer rapid document transfer services. “Data Logistics Center” belongs to the “Baltic Optical Network,” which operates a high-bandwidth data network in the Baltics that stretches from Tallinn to Frankfurt.




Your data will be protected by DATA INN, one of the largest and most advanced data centres in the Baltic nations. It's a veritable data fortress that will protect your data with the most modern security systems available, and the only building in Lithuania certified to meet the “Tier III” standard.



Server collocation

We transfer your servers to our data centre, where your most important data will be protected from all possible threats. 


Why “Data Logistics Center“?


Our company manages several data-transfer networks, including the “Baltic Highway”, which connects Frankfurt and Tallinn. 

Safe and reliable

Your date will be secured in our data centre, the only building in Lithuania certified to meet the “Tier III” standard.

Security and logistics

Instead of offering extraneous services, we focus consistently on what we do best – protecting and transferring your data.

Self-service system