One of the largest and the most advanced data center in the Baltic States.

  • Our project and infrastructure have the “Uptime Institute's” “Tier III” certificate of reliability.
  • Our professional team of specialists and our exceptionally energy-efficient systems are our greatest strengths.
  • We offer a reliable way to reduce your IT costs while ensuring reliable and stable service and security.


The DATA INN data centre's “Tier III” certificate indicates that the centre's infrastructure ensures its operation at least 99.982 percent of the time. This means:

  • 20.4 more hours than can be guaranteed by the “Tier II” data centres located throughout the region,
  • 27.2. more hours than can be guaranteed by “Tier 1” data centres.


DATA INN's power usage effectiveness (PUE) index is 1.3, which is much higher than the international average of 1.7. Our exceptionally energy-efficient data centre is made possible by the “Munters Oasis Indirect Evaporative Cooling System“, which: 

  • uses outside air and a supplementary adiabatic system;
  • was awarded the “EMEA Data Centre Dynamics” award for innovation in 2012;
  • ensures efficient energy usage and low carbon dioxide emission levels;
  • reduces data centre costs by 80 percent, energy consumption by 83 percent, and mechanical cooling, switching and power costs by 25 percent per year.

 DATA INN project phases

Data Inn data center is planned to be built in stages, therefore there will be possible to meet your growing business requirements. The first phase is planned to be completed by May 2014. 


Тhe first phase

Results of the first phase:

  • area – 500 sq. m, 
  • power – 1 000 kW, 
  • capacity – 78 server racks.

The second phase

Implied results after finishing second phase: 

  • area – 1 200 sq. m, 
  • power – 3 000 kW
  • capacity – 300 server racks.

The third phase

 DATA INN after developement:

  • area – 3 200 sq. m, 
  • power – 6 000 kW,
  • capacity – 600 server racks.

Self-service system