Data Logistics Center

“Data Logistics Center” (Duomenų logistikos centras, UAB) – IT and telecommunication company, one of the largest data communication and data center operators in Baltic countries. “Data Logistics Center” is a part of “Lithuania Energy” group.

„Data Logistics Center“ provides a wide range of telecommunications services: safe and reliable housing of servers and telecommunications equipment, interconnection of business enterprises, operators and service providers by data communication channels, and provision of access to the World Wide Web.

"Data Logistics Center" has concluded an agreement with "Energijos Tiekimas", an energy supply company, which supplies Data Logistics Center with certified green electricity –  Green Lithuanian Energy.


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Facts about company:

The company's optical fibre network in Lithuania is 2,000 kilometres long

The only network in Lithuania whose optical fibres are laid using high-voltage lightning-protection cables

The company's data centres can hold up to 330 server racks, which can hold a total of roughly 10,000 servers.

The bandwidth of all of the company's networks in Lithuania is 10 terabytes per second. Lithuania uses between 0.25 and 0.35 Tbit/s

The Data Inn data centre built and used by the company is the first and currently only such project and centre in Lithuania that has received the “Uptime Institute's” “Tier III” certificate of reliability

The Data Inn data centre's power usage effectiveness (PUE) index is only 1.3

The Munters Oasis Indirect Evaporative Cooling System being used at Data Inn was awarded the “EMEA Data Centre Dynamics” award for innovation in 2012

Together with our partners, we manage the 3,000-km-long international 9.6 Tbit/s “Baltic Highway” network between Tallinn and Frankfurt and the “Baltic Optical Network,” which, at 8,000 km, is the largest and the longest optical data transfer network in the Baltics

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