Key advantages

BALTIC HIGHWAY is the first and only network that consists of a single whole instead of parts and that uses infrastructure from a single producer. The BALTIC HIGHWAY stretches from Vilnius to Moscow and Helsinki to connect these cities to one of the largest data transfer centres in the world. By connecting to Frankfurt through Tallinn, Riga, Warsaw and Berlin, it provides the opportunity to quickly transfer large amounts of data between the East and the West.

Service parameters:

  • high reliability,
  • low 35 milliseconds latency – 35 MS,
  • 9,6 Tbit/s total throughput.


BALTIC HIGHWAY uses optic fibres laid along infrastructure – high-voltage lines and gas lines – managed by energy companies. Having installed the latest densification technologies, the capabilities of these optic fibres have grown 20-fold.

The network's management is overseen by a single entity, improving the speed and effectiveness of customer service when solving any issues that may arise.


BALTIC HIGHWAY network's reliability and uninterrupted operation are ensured by:

  • redundant network control systems and equipment power supplies,
  • automated signal strength and power regulators that do not require human input,
  • service teams located in each country that have been provided with spare parts.

Self-service system