We operate a 1,500 km fiber optic backbone, which covers main cities and district centers of Lithuania. Our fiber optic network interconnects with all the neighboring countries.

Our long-standing experience helped us to build a successful cooperation with local and international data communication operators. We can offer backed-up interconnections with 70 operators, running their businesses in Lithuania, have double interconnections with all the surrounding countries and their main telecommunication operators.

The main ring

Vilnius – Kruonis – Kaunas – Tauragė – Klaipėda – Plungė – Telšiai – Šiauliai – Panevėžys – Utena – Visaginas – Vilnius

Additional lines

Kruonis – Alytus – Marijampolė – Vilkaviškis – Tauragė, Kaunas – Kėdainiai – Krekenava – Panevėžys

We offer

Local and national long-distance leased lines between two or more specified locations in any town of Lithuania.

  • The international private line service – from any town in Lithuania to almost any country in the world.
  • Data communication speed rate – up to 100 Gbps.
  • Service level agreements (SLA).
  • Redundancy – “Non-protected and protected 1+1”.
  • Highest quality solutions for a company’s private networks interconnections.
  • Colocation of data communication equipment.
  • QinQ concept or transparent channel.


  • Optical ground wire (OPGW) cabling system.
  • Broadband communication (Ethernet).
  • Leased lines (SDH streams).
  • High-speed Nx10Gbps connections (DWDM).

Self-service system