International connections

Our high quality equipment provides unlimited possibilities for international interconnection.

We operate two physically separate optical interconnections with Poland and Latvia each, also one optical interconnection with Belorus, Russia and Kaliningrad area each.

    Main routes

    Main international data communication routes:

    Vilnius – Berlin, Vilnius – Frankfurt, Vilnius – Helsinki, Vilnius – Moscow, Vilnius – Riga, Vilnius – St. Petersburg, Vilnius – Stockholm, Vilnius – Tallinn, Vilnius – Warsaw.


      • Optical ground wire (OPGW) cabling system
      • Broadband communication (Ethernet).
      • Leased lines (SDH streams).
      • High-speed Nx10Gbps connections (DWDM).

      We offer 

      The international private line service – from any town in Lithuania to almost any country in the world.

      • Data communication speed rate – up to 100 Gbps.
      • Service level agreements (SLA).
      • Redundancy – “Non-protected and protected 1+1”.
      • Highest quality solutions for a company’s private networks interconnections.
      • Colocation of data communication equipment.
      • QinQ concept or transparent channel.


      “Data Logistics Center“ has interconnections with the following international operators:

      • 2 Nx10Gbps interconnections with Exatel;
      • 1 Nx10Gbps interconnection with Hawe Telecom;
      • 1 interconnection with TPSA;
      • 1 interconnection with Kaliningrad area;
      • 2 nx10G interconnections with Belarus.

      Self-service system